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Our soaps are made from an organic soap base which uses 100% organic oils.  Our soaps are available either clear, or opaque (using a natural opacifier/whitener - titanium dioxide).  We have specialty soaps with additives such as oatmeal, almond meal, ground apricot seed, ground walnut shells, pumice, poppyseed, honey, goats milk and many other ground herbs (some from our very own herb garden).  All our glycerin soaps are olive oil based, clean rinsing and never tested on animals.  With many fragrances to choose from, you're sure to find a favorite. All our soaps weigh a generous 5 -6 ozs.


* Please note that this product is not 100% Organic, as some raw ingredients are not yet available in the Organic variety.  We take this issue very seriously, as we do not want to abuse the terminology, and we make every effort to disclose as much information about our products as possible so that consumers are well informed.

Ingredient List: Blend of 100% Certified Organic Olive Oil and Coconut Oils (Saponified), Purified Water, Glycerin Sorbitol   (May also include titanium dioxide, goats milk, honey, oatmeal and other exfoliating agents)

Glycerine is added as an emollient and texture enhancer. Sorbitol is another emollient used along with glycerine. It is often added to help make glycerine soaps more transparent. Titanium dioxide is added to make the soap opaque.





Glycerin Soap - $6.00 Bar

Pictures of some of our Soaps



 Gardener's Soap with pumice poppyseed, ground loufah and cornmeal

with lemon verbena fragrance


Bay Rum Men's Soap

Formerly Key West Sunset Soap now called Myrtle Beach sunset (Vanilla, Pineapple & Coconut)

Sportsman Men's Soap


Soaps with a "built-in" natural loufa

Avaiable in any fragrance



 Assortment of our kid's soaps